Handmade Heart Pendant Bracelet with Natural Tourmaline and Gemstones - Soul Sound Baths

Handmade Heart Pendant Bracelet with Natural Tourmaline and Gemstones

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Experience first hand the soulful enriching effects of wearing this powerful piece of natural handcrafted jewelry. With a one size fits all adjustable sizing, have confidence knowing this marvelous authentic piece will suit you! Our ethically sourced gemstones used to create the piece will bring courage, wisdom, strength and positivity into your life due to their powerful traditional properties known by those enlightened for many centuries. All our wrap materials used are 100% certified vegan-friendly as well as being premium and long-lasting in quality.

The gemstones used when handcrafting this marvelous bracelet are all sourced from the Himalayan alps, by dedicated monks and their students with an eye for nature's beauty. These minerals are said to be regarded highly in ancient Tibetan culture, bringing truth, honor, communication, integrity, hope, and trust to the wearer. Such stones are also told to greatly enhance one's intuition, metaphysical powers, individual creativity, intelligence, and sense of being. These pristine and little-known beautiful products of nature are often used in regards to a process of enhancement with the throat chakra, and as such, are said to be deeply beneficial to communication in all forms. They are also associated strongly with the third eye, or Ajna chakra, your center of intuition located on the brow between the eyes. Many of the spiritually enlightened communities who recognize these stones also affirm the abilities they give to realigning and greatly strengthening the beholder's physical, spiritual and astral planes of life. Although not well understood, a mysterious manner of a decreased lessening of stress and removal self-obstructionary behaviors of negativity is also often reported, resulting in great calming and increasing self-esteem. These ancient stones are also told by their advocates to have immense emotional healing and repair qualities.

See what this marvelous and premium leather wrap bracelet will do for you, available exclusively by the jewellery crafts team here at Soul Sound Baths.