The Large White Topaz Stone 925 Sterling Silver Ring - Soul Sound Baths

The Large White Topaz Stone 925 Sterling Silver Ring

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An eclectic ring with an antique allure, the luster of this ring can make your fingers look slim by design. The artisanal piece is made with a huge white topaz center stone and melee stones around it like a halo. It is a shimmer-of-wonder that adds a gorgeous dazzle to your hands.

Being a powerful gemstone, Topaz can help you soothe the nerves. It is a balancing and calming stone that elevates emotions, releases tension, and brings joy. When worn by couples, it makes their communication clear by working on their soul star chakra as well as transpersonal chakras. The 7-prong setting keeps the huge stone steady on your fingers.

Topaz is also believed to bring success and good fortune, and synchronicity into life. Women find it supportive and uplifting. It is also used for protection, particularly protection from the evil eye and greed. So when you wear this big topaz ring, you can be sure no energy vampire will attack you. It is a crown chakra stone that raises your intuitive ability to stay ahead of nature. Be safe with this white topaz ring on your side at all times!

Instructions to clean the ring:

As topaz contains aluminum, it is important to not clean it with water. Instead, refer to the following instructions.


  • Take a soft bristle brush or cotton ball.
  • Scrub the ring gently from all directions.
  • Repeat it once every two weeks.